“If you stare at these dots long enough they connect themselves!” Dr. Tillery

Listen to the People’s Scientist, Dr. Marcus Tillery, PhD and Philadelphia’s own Charles Pitts every Friday at 7PM on HarambeeRadio.com Join the lively, information packed, hard hitting, rhetoric free discussions of science, technology, social construct, education; we’ll talk about it all with thoughtful, insightful and “real” commentary and analysis.  We discuss the events, circumstances and conditions that affect and effect, not only the African-America community but the broader world community, all throughout the greater diaspora of those that are oppressed, ignored and displaced. Be it socially, politically, economically, whatever. “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.” This is about seeking a better world and bring life to solutions. Damn the rhetoric, we live in unprecedented times, and the time is critical, we need a place where a honest exchange of ideas and information are the foundation for creating a different thought, a change of behavior and a brighter, stronger future.

Our pledge to you is to be real, to be forth-right, to be honest, to be accurate and to be “on point!”

Connecting the Dots has now been extended two hours!  We will be on every Friday from 7PM to 9PM @ HarambeeRadio.com

You can join us every Friday in Bristol PA., at the GBH International Salon located at 240 Mills Street for the live broadcast. And be a participant in “Beyond the Broadcast” before and after the Radio Show. Where our conversation discussion and transformation of ideas will take on a more formal creative process.

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