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Psychological Warfare

“The best way to control a society is through it’s cultural institutions”  I. V. Lenin

We at CTD seek to enlighten you as to the methodology and machinations of this ruling body, How do they operate and function? What tools are used to promote and maintain global control and domination. Mind Science is an integral tool. If you are following our post on CTD (viewing the videos provided, taking time to read the recommended books and identify the relationships of our post/blogs), what should emerge is a picture of well coordinated and structure Matrix or Paradigm that is called your world. Examine our post titled “Esoteric? Occult? What Does This Mean?” relate that to our post titled “Halls of Power”, then related that information to our post of “Nanotechnology and NeuroScience” and then listen to our internet radio presentations on and just as the People’s Scientist, Dr. Tillery states “if you stare at these dots long enough they connect themselves”. 

This subject, Psychological Warfare, is so closely relates to some of our other post (“Halls of Power”; “Esoteric?, Occult?, What Does This Mean?”; “Germany and Its Scientist,” etc.). The following video presentation, once again by Metanoia Films, is powerful and a “must watch”. We live in truly unprecedented times. Never has the gulf between the haves and the have nots, the rich and the poor, been this great, this wide. How is this disparity of wealth, control and information maintained? Mind Science. To put it in it’s most basic terms “where the mind goes, the ass will follow” There is an intrinsic value in colloquial language, otherwise known as “make it plain”. We at CTD seek to make this plain, easy to understand. This video helps to “lift the veil” so you can see what lays directly before you. The science of “Mind Science” is important, it is well documented in many of the books recommended by CTD, but moreover it is being executed and implemented on you presently. In Western societies it has virtually become ubiquitous; constantly and continuously reinforced in very insidious ways and methods.

View the video presentations, read the books that we recommend; and for those that like to be entertained watch the film titled “Now You See Me” (2013, Look for that post to the near future. We’ll explain the “magic” in that one too!).

It is all about mis-direction, smoke and mirrors and making you look one way, while “we” perform our “tricks” in the other direction. As Malcolm X stated in his April 12, 1964 famous speech “The Ballot or The Bullet; “….naw I say you’ve been mislead, you’ve been had, you’ve been took!”

“It’s easier to fool someone, than to convince someone that they’ve been fooled'” Mark Twain




We provide the following “Marathon Day: Boston” as an example of both media “mind science” and social “mind science”. Many things are hidden in plain sight, right before your eyes. It’s almost like magic, slight of hands. The question you should ask is why?



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