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Read Bill Joy’s  April 2000 Wired Magazine alarming article on the future of Nanotechnology. A simply “industry talk” conversation at a bar with Ray Kurzuweil (an leading authority, author, and scientist on Nanotechnology) moved Bill Joy to write this “sounding the alarm” article about our future with Nanotechnology, which is happening now! Bill Joy (William Nelson Joy is an American computer scientist and co-founder Sun Microsystems). What is it that moves a man of his scientific knowledge and understanding to quote Ted Kaxzynski?


This video will provide the fundamental scientific knowledge to what is Nanotechology. Which for some this will aid in your bacis understanding of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.


Ray Kurzuweil, author of seven books, including “The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence” and “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology”, his also an inventor and a futurist (please see his Wikipedia page) talks about technology, the science of technology, the history of technology, the science of nanotechnology and it’s enormous impact and effects.


Dr. Eric Drexler (considered to be the “Father of Nanotechnology”) gives a presentation titled “Radical Abundance: How the Revolution of Nanotechnology will Change Civilization”. He discusses the rapid growth of nanotechnology and how it impacts every science, industry and technology. Although this is a technology presentation (in language) please pay close attention to what he reveals about the application of nanotechnology. He titled this presentation “Remaking the 21st Century”. He presented this Thursday, 23rd January 2014 in the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University Scientific Society at Oxford University. This is an important presentation and will lay the foundation for “connecting the dots” to your already prescribed and defined future.  This is why “The People’s Scientist” Dr. Marcus Tillery, PhD. says  in his “Technology and Social Change”  presentation “…….its very nature impacts every facet of our lives, seen and unseen, realized or unrealized, for better or for worse, technology is poised to control our very existence.”


Dr. Michio Kaku, is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at the City College of New York, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science. He is often seen on Television explaining many different sciences, their history and significances. Here he discusses “The World in 2030: How Science will Affect Computers, Medicine, Jobs, Our Lifestyles and the Wealth of Our Nation” ; the economics of technology, the history of technology and where we are heading.


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