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“Melanin: The Key to Our Success”

Above: The Chemical Composition of Melanin

“Once you begin to understand Melanin; its biochemical piece, its chemistry, its pathophysiology, its electrical make up, its electrical-magnetic component, connecting the dots becomes easy. Why is it that a substance that possesses all of the characteristics, qualities and structure such as Melanin does, why is this not taught in your biology class, biochemistry class, your anatomy class, your physiology class, your molecular biology class? Why do you not learn about this in any formal, conventional so-called educational setting? WHY? “A ConnectingThe Dots quote!

–Melanin is a biochemical that has a high molecular weight. (Meaning it is strong)

–Melanin is a complex crystalline biopolymer. (Biopolymers or “life chemical” are polymers produced by living organisms. They are chains of carbon=based molecules that have bonded together.)

–Melanin is found in the nuclei of all cells.

–Melanin is s in every cell, organ, and system in the body.

–Melanin, as a bio-crystalline molecule functions as a superconductor within the body. (A super-conductor is any material that can conduct energy current without offering any resistance to the energy flow) This means no heat, sound or any other form of energy would be released from the material when it has reached “critical temperature”, or the temperature at which the material becomes superconductive.

–Melanin functions as a semiconductor within the bod. (A semiconductor is a material which has electrical conductivity between that of a conductor such as copper and that of an insulator such as glass. Semiconductors are the foundation of modern electronics, including transistors, solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), quantum dots and digital and analog integrated circuits. The modern understanding of the properties of a semiconductor relies on quantum physics to explain the movement of electrons inside a lattice of atoms.)

“Heaven is between a Black woman’s thighs” Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan


Richard D. King (Died: December 16, 2013) was a psychiatrist, historian, and melanin/pineal gland scholar. He was most widely known for his influential studies of Melanin and Ancient Egypt. He is the author of African Origin of Biological Psychiatry, Melanin: Key To Freedom, and The Black Dot and many more articles. Dr. King was a facilitator for many years at The Aquarian Spiritual Society under the guidance of Dr. Alfred and Bernice Ligon of the Aquarian Bookstore (1943-1992). Dr. Richard Devoid King MD practiced psychiatry in Los Angeles, California. We at CTD say Ashe to our departed brother!


Dr. Ann C. Brown, Ph.D, is an anatomist/hematologist, she is a professor and researcher in the Biology Department at Medger Evers College/CUNY in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Brown teaches anatomy and physiology, general biology, chordate morphology, chordate development, and human health and disease. She has written and published articles in several journals. She is member of the New York Academy of Science and the Metropolitan Association for College and University Biologist (MACUB). Listen closely to the lecture/presentation for the chemistry of Melanin, and how diet affect and effect Melanin. You might need to take notes, she presents much information and science. And she connects the dots to the metaphysical (spiritual, electro-magnetic) which you will find more information on in CTD’s Astrology, Egyptian, Metaphysical and Black post to come (“All is connected”). Although understated in her presentation, this is a powerful lecture/presentation. After viewing this you have to ask “Why is not Melanin taught?” “What are those that formlate the curriculum in our schools, colleges and universities are seeking to hide?”



Dr Afrika is one of the world’s foremost authorities on health and nutrition. He has a doctorate in Naturopathy from Anglo Saxon Institute in England. He is a Certified Addictionalogist with a degree from The American College of Addictionology And Compulsive Disorders. He is a certified nurse from Georgia Baptist Medical Center. He is also an Acupuncturist. Metaphysician, and was an U.S. Army Social Worker nurse and Psychotherapist He studied to become a Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Historian, Writer, Lecturer, Teacher and Medical Astrologist. Dr. Afrika has over 35 years experience and training in ethno medicine, which is the use of disease remedies and diagnosis based upon the biochemistry of a race. Because of these tremendous credentials, he is one of the most sought after lecturers in the country. He has taught and studied in countries such as Africa, Europe, and of course, America. Dr. Afrika lectures and gives workshops on eighty different topics in America, the Carribeans, Latin America and Europe. He is the author of over 80 CD’s, DVD’s and books on various health, history and nutrition topics. (This Bio is taken directly from his web site, please take time to visit).

Dr. Afrika is the author of the often quoted and well known book in our community titled “African Holistic Health” is the only “Best Seller” on the subject on the planet. This book has sold well over three million copies world wide.

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(Never be afraid of learning, the more you learn, the you expose yourself to new ideas and difference concepts. We at CTD simply love science, it can explain much. It was science that helped us compose our two part radio presentation on Melanin (4/18/14 and 4/25/14) on The books provided below once read will provide a clear understanding of the truly scientific significance of Melanin and it’s magnificant manifestation in us past, present and future)




UnknownRocks of Ages

Look for out post in “connecting” Melanin to this!

Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, and The Crack Cocaine Explosion by Gary Webb

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