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Preventing the Rise of a Black Messiah (Gradualism, Under the Microscope)

“Controlling resources will control your world” – Gil Scott-Heron lyric from “B-Movie” from his 1980 Album “Reflections”

Many of us are very familiar with the COINTELPRO program conducted by the FBI. COINTELPRO (an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert and, at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. Mainly directed at Black civic, social, religious and political leaders, this program was conducted under the administration of J. Edgar Hoover. In fact, the phrase “…prevent the rise of a black messiah” has been attributed to Hoover. Many attach Hoover’s characterization of “preventing a black messiah” to Malcolm X or Martin Luther King. But we at Connecting the Dots know that a critical analysis of the Black diaspora is global in scope. In global times, in which we find ourselves, we need to adapt a global perspective. We actually have been in a global struggle since the taking of the first slave. We here at CTD, as well as others, would argue that it began long before taking the first slave (see the 9th century book titled “The Book of the Glory of the Black Race Over the White” transliteration of “Kitab Fakhr As-Sudan Ala Al-Bidan” by Al Jahiz). A study of the institution of COINTELPRO, because that is what it was: a structured, supported, “informal” policy of the American government, will expose not only a national surveillance program but more. It reveals that far beyond what Edward Snowden is credited with exposing today, historically the National  Security Agency (NSA) was conducting an internal surveillance program/operation called Project MINARET that targeted the personal communications of leading civil rights leaders during the 60’s. As we have pointed out previously in post available here, “these waters run deep”. And we must widen our scope of perception. We cannot examine events in isolation, thinking that A has nothing to do with B. We have to connect dots! The game of semantics and intellectual masturbation must stop, at least with us. Formal, informal; tacit, sanction; official, unofficial; overt, covet; whatever, it is the results, it is the effects, it is the conclusions which we must examine.

“Everything must be examined through the African eye” – Dr. Chiekh Anta Diop

His assassination has been identified “as the most important assassination of the 20th century”Patrice Lumumba (July 2, 1925 – January 17, 1961) was the first elected Prime Minister of the Congo (formerly named Zaire and presently named the Democratic Republic of the Congo). We will not review his life’s work here on this post. Instead, we’ll reference other material for that purpose. But know this: in studying historical figures, not often do you come across men committed to propose and a commitment to the African/Black diaspora like a Malcolm X or a Patrice Lumumba. Abiding, unwavering, uncompromised, and unmoved.

You cannot examine Lumumba’s political life nor his assassination in isolation from the history of the Congo and thus the history of Africa. The Congo is a mineral rich country. Congo’s soil has every mineral known to man: 10% of the planet’s known copper; 30% of its cobalt; 80% of its coltan (used in everything from PlayStations and iPods to magnets, cutting tools, and jet engines); and untold quantities of bauxite and zinc, cadmium and uranium, gold and diamonds.The quantity and quality of its mineral strength should provide insight into the constant destabilization and foreign manipulation of the Congo’s social, political and economic intra and infra-structure. Congo’s mineral wealth has brought untold wealth to companies like DeBeers, Kansandhi Mining Company, Consolidated Mines, Alcoa; wealth to banks such as The Bank of England, The Deutsche Bank, Chase. And as you trace the money and the companies, you come to the same familiar names of Oppenheimer, Morgan, Rockefeller and Rothschild. In 1964 the leader of communist China, Chairman Mao Zedong stated, “If we can take the Congo, we can have all of Africa.” This provides insight into the strategic and economic importance of the Congo.

Patrice Lumumba sought to make the Congo an truly independent nation, far beyond colonialism or neocolonialism. Clearly the Congo possesses the mineral wealth to compete on any market and probably dominate a few. His assassination was preventing the rise of a Black Messiah in the Black land, among a Black people, during a critical time of revolution and up-rising throughout the Black diaspora. And it expanded that concept of a “Black Messiah” beyond the bounds of a religious notion, or some divine concept. Not only did Hoover fear the rise of a personality that could motivate and move Black folk into seeking real change, autonomy and independence, but so did the those who controlled Africa and it’s tremendous resources.

“History is the subject best to reward all of our efforts” – Malcolm X

The presentation provided below titled “The Lumumba Assassination and CIA Accountability” presented by the think tank The Woodrow Wilson Center, is an excellent example of how “official” history is decided upon: what is put in, what is left out, what will be the perspective or angle of the story. This is “talk” is presented 52 years after his assassination, more than half a century has passed. This is a very good example, actually an excellent example, of the manipulation of academia, the construction of the “official” story, and therefore, the manipulation of you; particularly those who passively wait for “them” to tell you what to think, how to think, what to write and what to teach.  If you pay acute attention, you’ll witness it in the making (constructing the official story, designing what will be taught) with so-called esteemed, learned, mostly men of academia and government (all white in this presentation). If you pay close attention to this presentation much is revealed here and provides a kind of “real-time” example of how your world is constructed, how the matrix is made, directed to evolve; it also demonstrates one of the purposes of think tanks. It is also a macro/micro example of the entire Africa question; past, present and future. (An iconology note: the symbol for the Woodrow Wilson Center are inverted Pyramids; again much is hidden in plain sight). To understand the significance of Woodrow Wilson, you must know history (examine the history of the Federal Reserve Bank). But let’s get back to the potential “Black Messiah” Patrice Lumumba.


We think what you witness below is priceless (on so many levels).

“The best way to judge the future, is by the past” – My Mother

 The facts presented above should assist you in understanding, beyond what is written in conventional history books, the significance of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 (Some call this the Brussel/Berlin Conference of 1884 – 1885), later this conference was known as the “Congo Conference”, again the name identifies the importance of the Congo, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You cannot examine Lumumba nor his assassinations in isolation. The value of the Congo is critical, historically critical. In fact, you can not effectively and appropriately evaluate present day Africa without understand the Berlin Conference of 1883. Despite what you have been told in school and institutions of learning (if you have watched the above presentation, we see how history gets “shaped”) or what little you have been taught about it, the Berlin Conference was, yet again, the manifestation of an ideology and a understanding of the African and Africa that we continuously fail to properly recognize. This was a conference where Western/European powers assembled to formally decide what country would rule what region of Africa. Think about that. White folks conducting a formal conference to decide the fate and direction of Africa. You can spent time reading about the details of this diabolically debased act at the link provided. To this very moment those suction tentacles of control and domination remain entrenched and are firmly in place. Again, paraphasing Dr. Diop, when you examine things through the lens of a thinking person the true ugliness of our world is revealed.

Long before the formalization of that conference the value of the African continent was assessed, evaluated, and recognized. When you examine the elements of that statement what emerges is a degree of sophistication and scientific understanding that is not expressed nor revealed in your history books. But we’ll examine that in future post.

If you conduct an internet search for political assassination of the 20th, the list, as inadequate the list provide by Wikipedia is, it is still staggering, down right sobering. It a appears that preventing the rise of a Black Messiah or a Messiah of the Oppressed was an act that happened often. If you have watched the above presentation, it is amazing how Patrice Lumumba is extracted from this sanitize and dispassionate, almost solely empirical contrived account that Stephan Weissman offers. Discussing Patrice Lumumba’s assassination without discussing Patrice Lumumba, and furthermore providing details but still not naming who was involved. And moreover not providing the answer to the critical question as to why. These folk are dangerously and insidiously talented, you have to listen closely. And as Dr. Jerome Fox, Clinical Psychologist, presented on our radio program “Addicted to White” (March 6, 2015, available at we continue to “sheepishly acquiesce” to this morass of absurd farce, pretending that “if only we do the right thing, they’ll accept us”, all the while eliminating Black Messiah’s at every corner of the globe.

To fully appreciate the meaning of Lumumba’s assassination in the broader meaning for the Black/African Diaspora we strongly urge that you read the following books. His death triggered much of the subsequent intervention, machinations, and manipulations of not only The Congo but also Africa in general (Chad (Republic of Chad), Angola (Republic of Angola), Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, and the list goes on)

Imagine, it’s the 1960’s, and on the Continent in a discussion, somewhere in Cario or Accra or Dakar, or Tunis are Malcolm X, Anwar Sadat, Patrice Lumumba, Kwane Nkrumah, Frantz Fanon, Cheikh Anta Doip………imagine.

Suggested Readings


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Note: “The Assassination of Lumumba” provides a very detail account of the entities involved his assassination (The United Nation, The Eisenhower/Kennedy Administration, The US State Department and the Belgium Government). Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan’s book provides an excellent analysis of the meaning of the Berlin Conference. And Kwame Nkrumah’s Neo-Colonialism provides critical insight into the relationship of Banks, Companies and Governments concerning the manipulation of Africa, as well as Walter Rodney’s book. On YouTube we recommend watching “The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba” (embedding it here is blocked This video is a condensed visual presentation of De Witte’s work.

We must connect dots to properly examine this paradigm, this matrix.

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