Gradualism, Under the Microscope (2.0)

 “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” – Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)

 Above video is the Ebola Virus under seen under a laser light microscope

Mental Slavery is mental death, and every man that has given up his intellectual freedom is the living coffin of his dead soul” – Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)

Note: To fully understand the information in this post, click on the underlined words. They are links that provide more in-depth analysis and information. This is connecting dots. 

Recall the mottos of the Fabian Society. The Fabian society is an English organization founded in 1884. A very famous Fabian is George Orwell, author of “1984”.  It is named after the 3rd century Roman General, Quintus Fabius Maximus, who successfully defeated Hannibal. (Coincidental symbolism? Probably not.). The Fabianists model their philosophy after the successful strategy of General Fabius Maximus :

“Never confront the enemy directly in the open battle field but gradually through a series of small battles, running after each successful foray.”

And consider this Fabian motto written on the Fabian Society literature:

“For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.”

The British pharmaceutical and healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline has developed the Ebola vaccine, alongside the U.S. National Institutes of Health. It was recently announced that human experimental vaccine trials of the Ebola vaccine would begin in Liberia, Africa. This should be alarming to all of us. If you have been following ‘Connecting the Dots’ on HarambeeRadio.com, we presented significant and serious questions about the history of the development of Ebola (please read the five part series written by the outstanding Japanese science writer and editor Yoishi Shimatsu) and its intimate connection to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), The United State Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID, a well-known center for bio-war research, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland), the United States National Institutes of Health, and other agencies and institutions. This history is also well documented in Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s book “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional?”, and in Dr. Peter Duesberg’s book “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. In our post published December 15, 2014 titled “A Shot in the Dark”, we provided a link between the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccines and the explosion of Autism within the greater Black diaspora. On our radio show, we produced two shows on “Glyphosate Herbicide: The Proliferation of Diseases in Our ‘black*ish’ State”  and in our show titled “From Soy to Ebola”, we demonstrated the administration and use of these highly toxic herbicides and compounds and their relationship to the alarming increase of endocrine-disruptive diseases (Graves disease, Diabetes, Thyroid disease, Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, etc.); this is the sustained attack on the Black diaspora. When we say Black diaspora, we include the entire Black family, globally. Examine the stats. The rate of Autism and Mental Health Disorders are growing here and on the Continent, to the point that most African countries are developing an infrastructure to address and handle these previously non existing phenomenon. They are seeking assistance from outside entities such as the agencies, organizations and institutions within the United States and others. Prudence demands that we at least ask how is this happening? Where is this coming from? Why is this happening? And why are our scientist and medical professionals not addressing these questions?

At this point, there is an overwhelming amount of creditable scientific inquiries and research that question the viability of vaccines. This question is more prominently asked in  other communities and falls very short in ours. In fact, many of us don’t ask. Yet we suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Mental Disorders now at a higher rate than ever. How many of us have someone in our family diagnosed with Autism? Or these endocrine-disruptive diseases? Are Mental Health Disorders not exploding in our communities? Our collective lack of awareness and lack of alarm concerning this is beyond troublesome; it is extraordinarily negligent.

The medical and scientific industries have admitted that the Flu vaccine has an effective rate of about 23%. But yet this national campaign for Flu vaccinations continues to be pushed.

Now getting back the MMR vaccine, we are witnessing this “outbreak” of Measles called the “Disneyland Outbreak”, that signals the national re-emerging of the Measles disease, which may serve as the event that is the catalyst for vaccinations being mandated by the government. Recent history shows that President Bush signed executive order 13295 in 2003 and it has been revised under President Obama. Recently, President Obama has said about vaccines, “The science is, you know, pretty indisputable.” ““You should get your kids vaccinated,” “It’s good for them.”  Even after he authorizes “immunity” for the whistleblowing Dr. William Thompson of the CDC who stated “CDC was concealing data linking the measles MMR vaccine to autism” , he still states the above? In 1980, Autism occurred 1 in 10,000 children; in 2013, it had increased to 1 in 50 children nationally. Autism has a 36% higher occurrence in African-American males in the first 36 months of life, and “MMR is linked to a 340 percent increased risk of autism in black boys.” Remember, African-Americans only make up about 12% of the Nations population, so as you proceed to break down these numbers, the significance is overwhelmingly alarming. What this means for the Caribbean, South America, and Africa has yet to be determined. But we know it is a problem. You have to read the links for a greater understanding. Note: This move of immunity for Dr. Thompson is a particular curiosity; the Obama administration has prosecuted more government leakers than all previous administrations combined. Providing immunity means that the public will never hear the depth of the CDC’s cover-up. See, one question often leads to another question. And asking questions will lead you to connecting dots.

Vaccines, their development and use have a highly questionable and auspicious genesis. Heinrich Mueller, former chief of the infamous Geheime Staatspolizei, “Secret State Police” or what is better known as the Gestapo, provided an account of the manipulation, manufacturing and subsequent release of the “Spanish Flu“, which resulted in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-1919, killing at least 20 million. As we have stated previously, this is a deep rabbit hole. You have to read the links for a greater understanding.

“If you stare at these dots long enough, they connect themselves!” – Dr. Marcus Tillery, Ph.D, “The People’s Scientist”

And now this. An Ebola vaccine. And now on the verge of mandatory vaccination here in this country. Ralph Epperson in his book “The Unseen Hand” provides a definition of the “pincers movement”: create the demand (false flag events, epidemics, social movements, etc.) and have the designed and manufactured response at the ready. Prohibition, Civil Rights, and the Patriot Act are some of the major events that reflect this; there are thousands that are lesser known. The CDC holds a patent on the hEbola virus, which covers every strain.  Read the actual patent. If Ebola were a naturally occurring viral phenomenon in nature, then how is it that the CDC holds a patent on it? The United States Supreme Court has declared that “A naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated.” Ebola is DNA sequencing, protein engineering, it is NOT natural.

Read the Supreme Court Decision








No. 12–398. Argued April 15, 2013—Decided June 13, 2013

For Scientists, Laboratories, Institutions and Businesses, Patents translate into money; big money. But please do not make the mistake and think this is just about money. Money is a by-product of genocide. If you have read the links, you will have noticed how all of this is presented in Yoishi Shimatsu’s articles. These dots connect to your demise. And this is just one of the dimensions.

So we ask you

“…excuse me Doctor but can you tell me what’s in that vial?”

Read the links!

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Please note: We recognize that Robert Green Ingesoll was a bigot but his quotes are priceless.


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    Michael S. says

    We share with you the critical comments of one of our dedicated listeners :“I definitely want to stress the importance and the sheer weight of the information bought forth from that show that I actually neglected to mention, to you when we spoke last Saturday. I have to say being audacious, and unabashed, that we (The CTD family of listeners) have begun the process of being empowered, taking our lives just about as literally and as figuratively as possible into our own hands. We are better versed on the nature of those who seek our demise (our collective enemy), and see just how far they’ve committed to bringing about our collective end (The word collective was used more than once deliberatley). Speaking for myself, I now understand much better, the nature of disease and its pathology. I no longer look at any disease or an affliction as “the inevitable” or something that is bound to happen while I lie in wait. Understanding how my body can be manipulated in to working against me and the science surrounding it has been a very invaluable lesson, of which I couldn’t say enough great things about. A lesson in which I look forward to continuing on learning every week.”
    Michael S.

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    Brandon S. says

    I listened to last night’s show earlier… if you don’t mind me saying, Y’all BROUGHT IT!!! I don’t know how anybody could have heard that and not been moved to at least reevaluate their lives and how they see themselves. I for one felt challenged and forced to rethink a few things in my own life. I could go on and on about the benefits of having heard that show. Thanks for sharing!

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    Gary Y. says


    I truly appreciated all of the information that you shared on this program. Indeed, it was very detailed, and as a matter of fact, I had to replay and listen to the program more than once to absorbed all of the information. Truly, the best way to stay on top of the matrix ( and the United States is the capitol of the matrix), is as you indicated is your health. The body indeed is a scared temple.
    I remember my physician explaining to me about having arthritis in my knees. it was so bad, I had to walk down the stairs side ways in order to lesson the pain in my knees. I did not realize at that time that my body was over acid, to much acidity in my body. The acid crystallized in my body due to having a toxic diet. It as not until I changed my diet and became a full vegan, that I began to see drastic results. I cured myself, no more arthritis in my knees, no more walking down the stairs side ways, as wells as having a great glow to my melanin!! The body (sacred temple) cured itself due to the vegan diet change as well as your thoughts, which help to shape your reality.

    Who needs vaccination if you give the body the proper nutrients. The blood cells will react accordingly without any shots. “Gradualism Under the Microscope,” Indeed we are the best kept secret when it come to other folks shaping and redefining our reality. Indeed, on your radio program, I learned a lot pertaining to white and red blood cells, as well as ammonia its comparison of black verses white folks. Knowledge and setting the knowledge in action is the key to your true inner freedom form the matrix!!

    People, it requires work, dedication and being receptive to the information that is presented to you on this program both past and present. Knowledge is like a garden, if not cultivated it cannot harvest!!

    Hotep and thanks for keeping us informed on your radio program.

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