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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)

Read the Wired Magazine April 200 edition about the choices represented by GMO. “A Tale of Two Botanies
By Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins” Ironic that this one edition of wired Magazine contained two articles that caught our attention, leading to further research in some cases and supplementing already existing awareness.

Jeffrey Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating” and Executive Director-Institute for Responsible Technology, leading spokesperson on the health dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), discusses genetically modified organisms, their effects on tested animals, and how GMO companies have taken over the agriculture industries of many countries on RT television. Is this something that should be in our food?

F. William Engdahl is an American German freelance journalist, historian and economic researcher. He is the author of “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation”. This lecture at the Open Mind Conference 2013, focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish its control over the very basis of human survival, the provision of our daily bread. Control the food and you control the people. This is no ordinary lecture about the perils of GMO. This has a Geo-Political focus. Mr. Engdahl reveals the extensive history and involvement of The Rockefeller Foundation with the GMO industry. He discloses the “plan” for global control of the food supply and it’s impact on population control. The “Green Movement” and GMO is an advancement of the Eugenics Movement of America during the turn of the 19th century and the Nazi plan of Nazi Germany. Learn about the “terminator” seeds and the “spermicide” seed. CTD strongly encourages you to watch and listen.


This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet’s future if Big Agriculture’s new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply. At CTD (Connecting the Dots) we strongly suggest that you take time to understand the significances of Agribusinesses, which is impacting your very existence NOW! This is a powerful presentation.


Scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva, Ph.D is interviewed by Bill Moyer on his show Moyer and Company. She is noted for her leading voice concerning the global battle over genetically modified seeds. These seeds are globally marketed to monopolize food production and profits. Opponents challenge the safety of genetically modified seeds, claiming they also harm the environment, are more costly, and leave local farmers deep in debt as well as dependent on suppliers. Agribusiness’s such as Monsanto considers it’s seeds the “intellectual property” by the big companies who own the patents. Dr. Shiva, who founded a movement in India to promote native seeds, links genetic tinkering to problems in our ecology, economy, and humanity, and sees this as the latest battleground in the war on Planet Earth. Dr.Vandana Shiva is an Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author. She is currently based in Delhi, has authored more than 20 books. She was trained as a physicist and received her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 1978 with the doctoral dissertation “Hidden variables and locality in quantum theory.” She is one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization. Listen to Dr. Shiva, who expresses the very philosophy of CTD (Connecting the Dots), all is related, an interdependence of all. “I am my brothers keeper!”



Suggested Readings: (Note: Corporate Crimes of the Pharmaceutical Industry by John Braithwaite was first published in 1984, this book examines corporate crime in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on extensive research, the book is a major study of white-collar crime. Initially Pharmaceutical Companies purchased just about every copy of this book, seeking to prevent public consumption. It has recently become available but limited quantities. A difficult book to find)



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