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Esoteric? Occult? What does this mean?

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

Follow this in the sequence that is provided by CTD, it will aid in “lifting the veil”. (This is just a small sample of the Matrix). As you look and read, we here at CTD suggest that you remember this: this is a sustained attack; constant and unrelenting. And in Western socities, it is eveywhere. It constantly targets the next generation. Why? Because the shaping and molding of young minds ensures that this philosophy of control, domination, and subjugation continues.

“Many things concerning the significance of your history, it’s impact on civilizations and the world, are right before you. Those who seek to control, seek a one world government, and seek your demise, hide in plain sight. In fact, much is hidden in plain sight, right before your very eyes. Their signs and symbolisms are everywhere; in movies, television shows, videos, video games, schools, art, architecture, business and industry, cities, the lay out of cities, statues and monuments; they are everywhere. Much of it dates to a period of time older than you think. You just have to know what you are looking at.” A CTD quote

“The Cosby Show”, season 6, episode 2, air date 9/28/89: The father (Bill Cosby) is reminiscing with his son (Theo) about some insignificant event in his youth. He mentions being in “Manitoba, Canada”. What’s in Manitoba, Canada? The Manitoba Legislative Building, which is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,  is home to a very unique architectural example of the masonic term, hidden in plain view. Winnipeg lies at the geographic centre of North America. (Pause) Now why would such an obscure reference be in the dialogue of “The Cosby Show”?

Answer watch the video below.

CTD recommends for further research check out the following sites. Take particular note of the symbols and architecture.  And you connect the dots!

We strongly recommend this next video presentation. It will require “commitment” and “the ability to endure” to view completely and to understand. It is almost 4 hours in length and filled with history, science, math, astrology, astronomy, sacred geometry, esoteric meaning, symbolism, etc. (Because “all is connected”) You will need pen, paper, pad, whatever you used to take notes, this is well researched and reflects what we at CTD seek, just the facts. Be prepared the narrator has a monotone presentation however, as we say at CTD, “it’s content versus context”! It’s content is outstanding. This video contributes significantly to “Connecting the Dots”! If you take the time to take detailed notes and apply this information, the world now appears different. We at CTD thank Scott Onstott and his wife Dr. Jennifer Nelson for the production of this “serious” video presentation.

Then check out his web site.

Suggested Readings:



Remember, again all is connected. (All of these books connect to each other). This magnificent information, in all it’s glory is us, period. Now, relate this to our presentation on Melanin (, Connecting the Dots shows 4/18/14 and 4/25/14). What should emerge is a different way to view your black self, to view your history and to view your world. As the great Senegalese scientist Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop stated “all must be examined through the Africa eye”. Why? Because we experience the world differently. Through, literally, Melanin a different world emerges

Occult (Meaning Hidden)


Why is this in a Disney cartoon? What are we subjecting our children to? Is this not a form of Subliminal messaging? For further analysis and information check out “Connecting the Dots” show 5/30/14


The “Owl”, an symbol of the Occult (Unseen/Hidden) for a definition of the symbol of the Owl here are the following reference we suggest. You read the information and the sources and tell us what you think?


A Sponge Bob cartoon, again giving our children over to the science of mind control, the subtle powers of suggestion. implanting idea and concepts before they are cognitively understood. The “all seeing eye” that is on the podium at which Sponge Bob is standing, is this not related to the images, some of them iconic images, below? And what does this mean?

dollar eyecbs_zpsccf2bcc2timewarner_allseeingeyerihanna-illuminati-all-seeing-eyesherborne-lodge-of-benevolence1


What does the “all seeing eye” mean? Reading following and connect the dots. (This is the Mason’s definition)


It is all a bastardized version of African history!


1997 Donald Duck Comics




A Bravo cartoon, aired April 2001, 5 months prior to 9/11. Is this simply an coincident? Watch the following video!

Suggested Readings:




In the books that we recommend, when read, what is revealed not only an well documented collection of connections of world events but a generational doctrine of control, domination and applied trauma and terror against the world, meaning you! We at connecting the dots wold suggest more books, and we will on a share post, books that we feel are truly important, significant and revealing. Each well researched and documented. But to have a functional understanding of what we are presenting in this post, just follow what is suggested (video, articles, books) and tell us what you see.

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