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Connecting the Dots

In our search for clarity, understanding, and truth, we often encounter events, circumstances and situations that initially appear foggy, undefined and without clear delineation. This haze can produce an uncertainty of action, a stagnation of thought, and an obscurity of reality. The goal of “Connecting the Dots” is to clear the haze, to define the path, and to provide a compass to choice and action.

In Nature, we find through our historical and critical observation, a pattern.  For example, patterns of numbers such as the Fibonacci Sequence (which describes an amazing variety of phenomena, in mathematics and science, art and nature), patterns of activity that emerges in the cell known as the “Krebs-cycle” (a series of chemical reaction used by all aerobic organisms to generate energy) and patterns in planetary movements the produce what is known as the Zodiac. Patterns exist all around us and are essential to our understanding and connection to reality. “Connecting the Dots” will seek to uncover, disclose the patterns around us, from Science to Society, from Education to Economy, we’ll discuss it all.

We will provide stimulating topics and conversation, an agitation of common thoughts and ideas and a challenge to ascend to critical thinking and higher consciousness. We will challenge what is considered common truth, common knowledge, common thought and common sense.

We will attempt to place the human family on the plane of critical thinking, the “active” rebuilding of community and the strengthening our bonds. We will have open discussions, critical thinkers, scientists, authors, public figures, and you.

Come and join us. We challenge you to challenge us. A wise man once said, “I welcome the fire because it cleanses and purifies.”

We are ”Connecting the Dots”.

All is connected.

What picture emerges for you?

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