Connecting Dots: Iconology, Media and Numbers (the Super Bowl 2013)

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand,
Then you suffer,” 
Lyric from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”

We at Connecting the Dots want to demonstrate the phenomenon of “hiding things in plain sight” and how to connect the dots. We will use a common popular event of the very recent past, Super Bowl XLVII. Often, and we mean often, the medium of media is used to communicate, what we addressed in our post titled “Psychological Warfare”, the science of “Mind Science” (in this case mass mind control). What caught our attention was the commercial sponsored by Budweiser, the “VooDoo Commercial”.

Budweiser is a pale lager (Beer) produced by Anheuser–Busch InBev. Introduced in 1876 by Adolphus Busch, it has grown to become one of the highest selling beers in the United States, and is available in over 80 markets worldwide. Colonel Adolphus Busch was the German-born co-founder of Anheuser-Busch with his father-in-law, Eberhard Anheuser. His great-great-grandson, August Busch IV is now on the board of Anheuser-Busch InBev. (You can read the family’s history on Wikipedia; if you do, pay particular interest to the picture of the The Busch Mausoleum at Bellefontaine Cemetery, designed by Barnett, Haynes & Barnett. Take notice of the structure of the Mausoleum and the 13 gothic styled inverted cresting ornaments above the door. Why do we mention this? As you read this, the mentioning of symbols will become obvious. You can read more history about the Busch Family in this book:)


But, the Busch family history is not directly relative to this post. Here, we just want to simply demonstrate the power of symbols and how psychological control (warfare, please review our posts titled: “Psychological Warfare” and “Esoteric? Occult? What Does This Mean?”) works and part of its methodology, as seen on that fateful Sunday of February 3, 2013. Budweiser was a major sponsor of this Super Bowl.

The prominent symbol for Budweiser is this:


Many recognize this symbol. Do you see the number 13? Pay close attention to the “B”. Now you see the obvious number 13. Now why would a graphic designer go to such great lengths to design an icon symbol with a ‘hidden in plain sight’ number 13? Why 13?

Well, if you know Masonic history, you are aware that part of their history is traced through the Knights Templar. Not to go to deeply into the history of the Knights Templars, but know this: The Knights Templar fled to Scotland from LaRochelle, France after a raid on their order by King Phillip IV of France. On Friday October 13, 1307 with an official Papal bull written by the French Pope, Pope Clements,  the troops of King Philip IV undertook a simultaneous raid on and arrest of the leadership of the Templars on the false charges of heresy. The Knights Templars fled to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. (This might provide some insight on why Friday the 13th and the number 13 are viewed in our modern mythology as “spooky” symbols.) Now, here in America, the Marine Corp War Memorial is in Rosslyn, Virginia. Using Google maps, you can draw a straight line from there to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. But that information is in our post titled “Esoteric? Occult? What Does This Mean?’ For more history of the Knights Templar we suggest reading this:


Back to the Super Bowl, because if you are reading this and you are beginning to understand symbolism, the Budweiser symbol should attract your attention, just as it did ours.  The Super Bowl, the iconic phenomenon that it is, is prominently known for it’s commercials. In fact, ridiculous sums are spent by advertisers to advertise during the world wide televised event, with advertisers paying as much as $4 million for a thirty-second spot (which is equal to $133,333 per second). The SuperBowl has grown into the number one televised event in the world. Often viewership is over 60% of American households with domestic numbers over 100 million viewers (presently there are approximately 350 million Americans, which means for every three people, one has watched the Super Bowl). Worldwide, it will broadcast in 198 countries and territories and in more than 25 languages. So, clearly this event has the attention of the world like nothing else.

This commercial for SuperBowl XLVII captured our attention immediately. Watch it closely. Remember, what we talked about in our radio program of May 30 and June 6 on HarambeeRadio.com was the extraordinary structure, planning, and details that goes into the production of commercials, television shows, and movies. The consulting and hiring of industrial psychologists, clinical psychologists, social scientists, etc. is done to assist with content, structure, and details.

Super Bowl XLVII took place in New Orleans at the SuperDome; notice it’s the first shot of the commercial. As the man proceeds onto the field of the SuperDome, only select lights are on. Notice the implied secret hand shake as represented by the greetings of the bottles by the bartender and the man. Stevie Wonder is portrayed as a “Voodoo Doctor” who aids the man in a “little Mojo” while the very famous song “Superstition”  plays. Take time to recall the lyrics of “Superstition”: “If you believe in things you don’t understand, you will suffer”. Then, as he tells the man “Let’s get lucky”, he snaps his finger and he’s at the game, the Super Bowl. Notice the Super Bowl attendee to his left; he is wearing the prominently displayed number “7” jersey. Now, let me give you a little numerology. The number “7” is spiritual, but not religious; it  is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. The “7” knows that nothing is exactly as it seems and that reality is often hidden behind illusions. “7” is also thought to have occult significance. The 7th zodiac sign, or symbol on the dollar bill, is the scales of Libra, again mathematically symbolizing eternity. There are many other qualities to the number seven. To further your understanding the scientific and esoteric meanings of numbers, we recommend the following book:


But, back to the Super Bowl: next, the man pulls out a voodoo pin doll dressed as a San Francisco 49er, only to discover that the gentleman to his right does the same, only his doll is dressed as a Baltimore Raven. It is safe to assume that both of these  “believe in things you don’t understand” gentleman sought “luck” from the same voodoo doctor. How do we know that?  Because the last shot is Stevie Wonder, the voodoo doctor,  poised over the entire SuperDome. Now this is the most powerful imagery of this particular commercial. Does it signify that he is controlling all? Remember this point as we proceed.

The halftime show, which is a major reason why the casual football fan tunes into the Super Bowl, featured Beyonce. The Super Bowl halftime show is promoted as a major television concert event.  Before we proceed, we need to introduce and explain a name we will be alluding to. That name is Baphomet.  Baphomet is s a term originally used to describe an idol or other deity which the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping, and was subsequently incorporated into disparate occult and mystical traditions. It appeared as a term for a pagan idol in trial transcripts of the Inquisition of the Knights Templar in the early 14th century. The name first came into popular English usage in the 19th century, with debate and speculation on the reasons for the suppression of the Templars. Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with a “Sabbatic Goat” image drawn by Eliphas Lévi, which contains binary elements representing the “sum total of the universe” (e.g. male and female, good and evil, etc.). However, Baphomet has been connected with Satanism as well, primarily due to the adoption of it as a symbol by the Church of Satan. Now, this mythology is not ours at CTD; mythology only works when you believe it, period. This next series of photos should be revealing.


Now view this next photo- it is an overhead shot of Beyonce’s SuperBowl halftime show.


Which relates to this:


But, that’s another analysis. Let’s stay focused.

If you invert the female faces and view it only lighted areas, the outline of Baphomet emerges, look closely. If you count the number of dancers that are highlighted in the golden re tangle, you’ll count 13. Why is this? What is being communicated here? If you take time to review the half time show by Beyonce, it is filled with Satanic symbolism. Look at the following pictures of this event.


The key to any mythology is getting you to believe it. If you are following our post, you will recall that in the post titled “Esoteric? Occult? What Does This Mean?” we stated that the attack is ubiquitous, constant and always directed at the next generation. For those that have consumed this imagery, this philosophy, this “mind science” through music videos, game videos and television shows; this is real to them. For further insight we recommend this book. We call it one of the best worse books ever written (Sorry Professor Griff, we love you though and applaud your work). Let’s repeat the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s song “Superstition” again, “…when you believe in things you don’t understand, you will suffer”



As you recall Super Bowl XLVII became infamous for the “lights going out”. Remember this is a major  television and media event, with a security and internal redundancy system that rivals what the military can do. But, again, the lights go out. Now check out these numbers (numerology). Hiding events in plain sight. You just have to know what you are looking at. You live in a world filled with symbolism, allegory and mythology. With the constant goal of conveying the message that you essentially have no power; that other things, entities and/or phenomenon control your world.

  • Then consider this: Lights go out for 33 minutes.

(33 is a Masonic number. 33 degrees is the highest degree of the Masonic Order. The House Temple of Albert Pike, located in Washington, DC has 33 columns, is 33 feet high, it has 33 members of the Supreme Council. NASA’s runway at Cape Canaveral is 33 degrees West of North. Jesus died at age 33, it is reported that Jesus performed 33 miracles, King David reigned for 33 years, the “Tree of Life Sephiroth” or the Kabbalah contains 33 elements. The Schmann Resonance 7.83 Hz (the frequency at which the earth vibrates) has a harmonic overtone of 33 harmonics, we (humans) resonate at 33 octaves above the earth’s fundamental vibration (gives new meaning to what the Egyptian stated “As Above, So Below), the United Nations symbol divides the earth into 33 sectors, the human spinal column has 33 vertebrae (including coccyx as 5 bones), we could go on but we’ll stop here.

  • The game restarted at 9:11
  • This was the 47th SuperBowl (7 +4 =11)
  • The date of the game was 2/3/2013 (2 + 3 + 2+ 1 + 3 = 11)
  • The latitude and longitude of New Orleans is North 29 ( 2 + 9 = 11) and West 9
  • The end score of the game was 34-31 ( 3 + 4 + 3 +1 = 11)


Recall the Budweiser “Voodoo” commercial? What is the symbolic final scene of the commercial? What were those lyrics in the Stevie Wonder song “Superstition”?

“Very superstitious, writings on the wall,
Very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall,
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past

When you believe in things that you don’t understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain’t the way”

This is “Connecting The Dots”.

Stay “connected” for our future post on:

Sleepy-Hollow Blood Moon - Four horsemen

Sleep Hollow, the FOX television show, filled with allegory, astrology, and numberology.

Until then, view this:

“The Video that Media does not want you to see”

What were those lyrics in Steive Wonder’s 1972 “Superstitution” again?





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    I really appreciate the time, patience, sacrifice, and diligence it took to compile this information for our consumption in an effort educate and enlighten us. To you I extend my sincere thanks. Mike Sweeper

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      Brother, we at CTD appreciate that you enjoy what we seek to do! Alike mind must come together and support each other. Thank You!

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    Enlightening extremely well done there are no coincidences the facts are the facts. Please keep doing what your doing. Each one teach one. Chris M

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      Stay “connected” for future post, examining things in ‘plain sight’
      And, Absolutely! “each one, teach one” is what we hope is conveyed through CTD.

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    Symbolism…. that also shpuld be used by and for righteousness… The symbols & numbers in themselves are not are not the evil… it is the use/intent for/by which they are used and or abused … Here, Please also accentuate the positive use of basic signs & symbols (inclusive of numbers, words of power, etc.). I hear you, I’m more than with you; leave the peeps w/ positivity….. especially now … energies, frequencies, waves..etc.. in & from cosmos.

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