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African Origin of Humanity

“In the customs and institutions of schools, academies, colleges, and similar bodies destined for the abode of learned men and the cultivation of learning, everything is found adverse to the progress of science. For the lectures and exercises there are so ordered, that to think or speculate on anything out of the common way can hardly occur in any man. And if one or two have the boldness to use any liberty of judgement, they must undertake the task all by themselves: they can have no advantage from the company of others. And if they can endure this also, they will find their industry and largeness of mind no slight hindrance to their fortune. For the studies of men in these places are confined and as it were imprisoned in the writings of certain authors, from whom if any man dissent he is straightaway arraigned as a turbulent person and an innovator.” FRANCIS BACON.


“They must find it hard to take Truth for authority who have so long mistaken Authority for Truth.” Gerald Massey

All that we do on CTD is about connecting the dots to the profound significance of our history, our origins and contributions to the world at-large.


Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, this video presentation (interview) was conducted during his 1987 trip to Atlanta, Georgia

We at CTD can not express our pride enough for Brother Ajuma’s presentation. He is close to our hearts. He does an excellent job with the material. Ashe! Brother, Ashe!

Ajuma presentation, where he lays the foundation for the significances of our history, our claculations, our measurements, our knowledge of math and science, connects directly to the video presentation on the CTD post “Esoteric, Occult, What Does It Mean?” and the video presentation “Secrets in Plain Sight”. THIS IS “CONNECTING THE DOTS”!


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 “Man, Know thy self” Our Ancestors


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